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 [audio]New Order 1985-12-13 Salle Du Baron, Orleans, France

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Dieu Free Curiste
Dieu Free Curiste

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MessageSujet: [audio]New Order 1985-12-13 Salle Du Baron, Orleans, France   Ven 15 Juil 2005 - 16:30

New Order
1985/12-13 Salle Du Baron, Orleans, France

Source: ATR-STASH mixer
Lineage: SBD (ATR-STASH box-o-tapes) --> ??? --> FLAC via Sam (lammah) -->
--> SoundForge (DC offset, remove old SBEs and pitch correction) --> CD Wave (tracksplits) -->
--> FLAC --> you

Per Sam, the actual lineage for where I have "???" is most likely thus:
SBD (band's CASS(0) or CASS(1) copy thereof) --> CDR --> CDR --> FLAC --> ... (detailed above)


01 Elegia
02 The Perfect Kiss
03 Weirdo
04 Love Vigilantes
05 Hurt
06 Sooner Than You Think
07 ICB
08 This Time Of Night
09 In A Lonely Place (cut, probably due to A/B flip on master)
10 She's Lost Control
11 Blue Monday


Another glorious SBD recording of mid-80s New Order, this time from Orleans, France.
Lineage is the same stash-o-soundboards from (most likely) Hooky's Suite 16 recording studio,
liberated by Brian Whittaker (Revenge touring bassist) via eBay, but previous to selling
copied amongst the NO trading community in the UK.

From a post by OldMonkey on STG:
"A box of mixing desk tapes was found in a rehearsal studio used by Peter Hook.
They were advertised on E-bay by Brian Whittaker, former Revenge live guitarist.
David Sultan of the website "World in Motion" paid over £500 to win the auction.
Before they were sent to David though, they were copied amongst the Manchester
bootlegging fraternity, and are now widely available in the UK and wider.
Coincidentally (or otherwise, and this is where it gets good), the majority of
the shows in this box were the complete gigs from the tracks used on the live
disc of Retro (plus quite a few other gigs). It appears as though Hooky meant
for them to find their way to the bootleg hardcore......."

This thing sounds just as phenomenal as all the other ATR/STASH soundboards posted recently.
Features the next-to-last performance of "Hurt" and the last-ever "ICB".

"ICB" would be a CRACKING take if not for Hooky's bass amp packing it in at 1:53, finally
re-appearing at 2:42. Barney does some interesting lyric changes here as well.

"She's Lost Control" is an absolute disaster though, while quite interesting (in a scene-of-
the-accident kind of way) to listen to. No wonder they didn't play it after this gig until 2002.
At 0:48 features Barney yelling "Jesus!" regarding some mistake - he should have waited, because
a few seconds later Hooky makes a particularly gnarly screwup... This song is definitely not Hooky's
finest 4 minutes of recorded history as most of the mistakes seem to be his.

Classic Hooky-ism before "The Perfect Kiss":
PH: "Love the sounds of your own voices don't you, you boring bastards."

Classic intro to "This Time Of Night":
BS: "Hi, everyone. Bonjour. A la nuit. This one is called, eh, "Dans cette time a la nuit".
"Fromage a Potage. Fucky fucky. Fucky fucky."

Classic lyric change in "TTON", at 1:13 (in this re-tracksplit version):
BS (singing): "The bass sequencer I cannot hear / If you turn it up, my ears will feel much better, Eddie /
"I can hear the bass sequencer / Turn it up, you..." while Hooky fills in the correct backing vox.

Another classic in "TTON", at 1:51:
"Without you they'll never fucking show
"Without you my dick won't grow
"Without you I'm left alone
"Without you my dick's like a bone
"Without you I live in pain
"Without you my anus is insane"

"In A Lonely Place" is cut about 1:15 into the song, probably because Eddie or Ozzie (the sound
guys) didn't flip the tape in time. Sadly the rest of the song is lost...

Sam's detailed notes on this gig can be found here:
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[audio]New Order 1985-12-13 Salle Du Baron, Orleans, France
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